Marking a transaction as non-genuine | CashMaster

Marking a transaction as non-genuine

Not all transactions are considered an expense or income. i.e.  if you were to withdraw money from an ATM, or even transfer money from one account to another, this will be marked as outflow but you don’t have to include it as an expense.

There are a few ways of labelling a transaction as non-genuine. Your first option is to hover over the particular transaction you wish to edit and click on the red pause sign that will appear when the tool bar pops up. 

Alternatively, you can mark certain categories as non-genuine, so when you categorise a something under it, it won’t be included in income and expense calculations.

 To do this, hover over ‘Categories’ and click on ‘Set up income/expense categories’.

From here you will have a list of all the default categories and the ones you have created. Simply untick the categories that you no longer wish to be associated with genuine transactions.