What is CashMaster? | CashMaster

What is CashMaster?

CashMaster helps you track and manage all of your financial activity from one platform. Using the same bank-level security, you can connect your banks, credit cards, loans etc allowing you to see where you are spending your money and adapting your spending habits to achieve your goals i.e. holiday.

CashMaster securely pulls your transactions, automatically classifying them into different categories and merchants, allowing you to see where you are spending your money.

Easily maintain tax deductibles with one click. CashMaster notifies you of any upcoming bills, enabling you to avoid paying those late and overdraft fees imposed by financial institutions. Create a budget for just about any spending bucket and as you get close to overspending, CashMaster alerts you with a notification, keeping you within budget and on track of your financial goals.

CashMaster is a read-only service, no one can move money, not even you.

CashMaster is a secure platform, features and benefits include...
- An intuitive app that places all your financial information in one place.
- Make informed money decisions based on your spending.
- A simple and secure connection to your bank accounts.
- Connect your bank, credit card and loan accounts with CashMaster.
- Automatically breaks down your spending into categories, merchants and tags.
- Maintain tax deductibles.
- Setup payment and bill reminders.
- Create a budget and stay on top of your expenses.
- Insightful charts and graphs to give you the big picture in a flash.
- CashMaster uses bank level security.